Papeete market Mapuru a Paraita

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Visit Papeete market is the heart of the capital Papeete. Open every day of the week, it's on Sunday mornings from 4am that you'll really get to feel what it means to "live local".

Indeed, you'll discover a cosmopolitan place, where you'll hear Tahitian, French and Hakka (a Chinese dialect) spoken. You'll find an abundance and diversity of fresh fish from the sea or lagoon, and locally grown tropical fruits and vegetables. Marvel at the colors and scents of our Fenua (our country)!

Visit Papeete market Mapuru a Paraita is also home to artisan stalls, allowing you to discover the rich cultural heritage of French Polynesia. Treat yourself to handcrafted jewelry, bags, pareu (sarong), Polynesian cosmetics such as Monoï, massage oils and much more!

Gourmets are advised not to miss out on the "pua'a roti" (crispy, lacquered pork) and "firifiri" (sweet fritters with coconut milk), and don't hesitate to take your meal at the Papeete Market to discover the culinary wealth of Papeete. Tahiti And Her Islands.